Caliphate on the Sinai 2020

I think that ISIS is in the active process of transferring its forces to the Sinai. Bayt al-Maqdis – the former name of the militants in the Sinai before they pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – have been slowly taxing the Egyptian military state for the past three years or so. The Egyptian state […]

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Find Yourself

This is a great read from Michael Lovelock on Aeon. His article, “The Makeover Trap“, sets out to explore the dynamics of the makeover in contemporary Western culture. His thesis is that this culture, whose extent of analysis stops at the individual consumer, sets up our societies for a rude awakening: Young people in the […]

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Don’t March Just For Science

This past Saturday, April 22nd, thousands gathered in their cities to march for Science. They (myself included, full disclosure) see the buffoons in the current government who, among other things, believe climate change a Chinese plot, aim to bleed dry the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Institute for Health, and suspect vaccinations. All good reasons to […]

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Blame a Millennial: Coffee!

Once more, we Millennials are killing off a beloved staple of previous generations. This time, coffee. This is not a serious article (more of a blog post really) but its construction to minimize the role of economic systems/ideology causing climate change which harms coffee plants which reduces overall consumption is dangerously sneaky.    

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Bylines and Redlines

I got a pen-name, byline, and a published article in Rabble: The meme-ification of the victims of al-Assad and Putin’s war won’t bring the violence any closer an end. Remember their names: Alan Kurdi, Omran Daqneesh but don’t let their images become your sole reality of Syria.

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