The Omni-Trump

Guy Debord writes in the 64th thesis of The Society of the Spectacle “If every Chinese must learn Mao, and thus be Mao, it is because he can be nothing else.” From the thread commentary by u/trying2bnicer “As readers of Debord’s Comments on Society of the Spectacle know, he advances the notion of integrated spectacle in that […]

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Find Yourself

This is a great read from Michael Lovelock on Aeon. His article, “The Makeover Trap“, sets out to explore the dynamics of the makeover in contemporary Western culture. His thesis is that this culture, whose extent of analysis stops at the individual consumer, sets up our societies for a rude awakening: Young people in the […]

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The Gaga Experience

Several weeks ago, Lady Gaga performed at the Superbowl halftime. Left-wing commentators, still processing the Trump presidency,  thought – or hoped rather – that she would make some political statement during the show. She did not because she didn’t need to. The person who Lady Gaga is, the entire experience of her, carries political depths that need […]

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Blame a Millennial: Coffee!

Once more, we Millennials are killing off a beloved staple of previous generations. This time, coffee. This is not a serious article (more of a blog post really) but its construction to minimize the role of economic systems/ideology causing climate change which harms coffee plants which reduces overall consumption is dangerously sneaky.    

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My friend Larisa over at Austere Magazine pens a great read on how to tune out the barrage of news and content and shouting matches that fill up the modern discourse in 2016. The background context to this piece is the 2016 Texas Tribune Festival, which she and I both attended. The Festival’s panels covered […]

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