Caliphate on the Sinai 2020

I think that ISIS is in the active process of transferring its forces to the Sinai. Bayt al-Maqdis – the former name of the militants in the Sinai before they pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – have been slowly taxing the Egyptian military state for the past three years or so. The Egyptian state […]

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Dispatches from America Trumpiana, I: A Profile in Courage for Clinton?

News popped over the Zuck Wire that “computer security experts” are encouraging Hillary Clinton to demand a recount. Apparently, they claim evidence points to Russian malfeasance and tampering with electronic voting machines that swung votes away from Clinton and to Trump in key states like Wisconsin and Michigan. Clinton lost those two states by small margins. […]

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Blame a Millennial: Coffee!

Once more, we Millennials are killing off a beloved staple of previous generations. This time, coffee. This is not a serious article (more of a blog post really) but its construction to minimize the role of economic systems/ideology causing climate change which harms coffee plants which reduces overall consumption is dangerously sneaky.    

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton offend some members of the smart crowd. He rejects free trade (sometimes), foreign adventures (sometimes), and yells about minorities instead of quoting statistics from The Bell Curve. She hasn’t promised to bomb Russia or Iran. And, so, the principled do what they must. Unable to hold their noses to vote for another […]

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