What we can learn from Chinese painting

Art Subtext

Most people in the West rarely encounter art from other cultures and continents. We are often preoccupied with art from our own culture, even though there is a ton of good art to be found elsewhere. Because of this, we risk developing a one-sided culture and world view, not to mention that we miss out on a lot of meaningful, important art.

One of the oldest artistic traditions in the world can be found in China. Throughout Chinese history, art has been of great importance and is treasured dearly. There painting is one of the most valued art forms, especially landscape painting. Many paintings depict the towering mountains, rolling hills and twisting rivers of the Chinese landscape.

In China, unlike the West, painting—and all of the arts—is tightly bound to philosophy. Thus, paintings are not only a way of portraying objects, but also a way of communicating ideals, principles and…

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