The Omni-Trump

Guy Debord writes in the 64th thesis of The Society of the Spectacle “If every Chinese must learn Mao, and thus be Mao, it is because he can be nothing else.”

From the thread commentary by u/trying2bnicer

“As readers of Debord’s Comments on Society of the Spectacle know, he advances the notion of integrated spectacle in that work as the synthesis between the concentrated and relatively more powerful diffuse spectacle. Now, when we see the rise of the most famous man in world history, the greatest celebrity-statesman of all time, Donald Trump, we can see the most apparent manifestation of the concentrated spectacle in today’s integrated spectacle.

As Debord writes in the Comments, in the integrated spectacle there is a center of power but it is occult and undefinable. He also writes that the intelligence agencies will be called to play the main role. We see this as the flood of leaks in the press show the force and power of the “IC” in taking over civil society.

So, the obvious question is: in classical concentrated spectacle, the hero is someone everyone lauds, while in this world Trump is mainly reviled by the many many many who know of him. He is the figure of unification notably for his supporters but overwhelmingly for his detractors. Yet, let us look at the ways in which in today’s society, “we can be nothing else” than Trump.

Trump is image obsessed, thriving on lashing out at enemies and gaining supporters who share those enemies. He wants above all else loyalty to himself. Trump succeeded by tapping into what is in the hearts of millions around the world- in his supporters, of course, but also in his opponents, who cannot respond in a way outside of the Trumpian universe.

We see the proliferation of “alt-right” memes among the left simply because they are popular. Calling Nazis cucks, “triggering” Trump supporters, Trump BTFO! etc. Similarly, we see the same bullying tactic used on all sides, simply tearing at the opponent with the least logical arguments, knowing that a sizable community exists who simply agree with your claims at face value.

In this way we grasp the sinister unity of the proliferation of totalitarianisms. We are all Trump: eco-Trumps, feminist-Trumps, antisemite-Trumps… caring about nothing else than spreading our meme, being as famous as possible, maintaining our image to the people who matter and writing off the rest- pursuing our own fantasy dream of power while the world dithers toward some cataclysmic abyss.”


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