Dispatches from America Trumpiana, I: A Profile in Courage for Clinton?

News popped over the Zuck Wire that “computer security experts” are encouraging Hillary Clinton to demand a recount. Apparently, they claim evidence points to Russian malfeasance and tampering with electronic voting machines that swung votes away from Clinton and to Trump in key states like Wisconsin and Michigan.

Clinton lost those two states by small margins. By a few tens of thousands of votes margins.

Do I want her to challenge the results? Yes. Demand a recount. Make a stand for the sake of the Republic. Do I think she will do it? No. There’s her absence as things grew grim on Election Night. As the red tide rolled over the Rust Belt, she let John Podesta tell her supporters gathered at Campaign HQ to go home.

Further evidence to that comes from another source. Yesterday, Trump said that he would not prosecute Hillary Clinton. The Alt-Right Neo-Nazis who support Trump, needless to say, are apoplectic. No surprise, since he encouraged his crowds to change “Lock her up!” at his rallies. They are angry and hungry to avenge on Trump for his betrayal. Funny, it’s almost as if they’ve forgotten their Gramsci: “The historical unity of the ruling classes is realized in the state.”

I am doubtful that Clinton will head the call to arms. But who knows? The Year Two Thousand and Sixteen of Our Lord has thrown strange things our way… She could yet surprise us.


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