Merzouga, the Fringe of the Sahara



[Riding camels out to a campsite nestled in between the dunes.]

The Sahara is strikingly beautiful. It becomes obvious as soon as you become surrounded by the dunes, like the waves of a golden sea, rocking on the swaying boat that is your camel. At one point of the trip, I sat next to my friend, Addie, overlooking a stretching expanse of rock, sand, scrubby bushes, and tiny huts. We couldn’t really put our finger on what it was that pushes human beings to introspection when facing such powerful, natural landscapes. Maybe it’s how they dwarf us? Maybe it’s the realization we’re a speck of dust on a speck of dust, floating through a universe of specks of dusts? Maybe it’s just the isolation from the concrete jungles, cell towers, vibrations of mobile phones, and humming of cars? Maybe it’s the eery silence punctured by the whispering of the wind in your ear?…

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