Death of Moroccan Fisherman Sparks Nationwide Protests


On Friday evening, Mohsin Fikri, a taxi driver and fish dealer in Morocco’s north eastern city of El-Hoceima was mashed in the trash compacting machinery of a garbage truck. He was reportedly attempting to salvage his fish boxes seized by authorities. The swordfish catch was “prohibited and seized on the orders of the public prosecutor”, the Ministry of Interior’s press release stated. A large wave of anger, grief and condemnation spread on social media, and subsequent Protests erupted. People took to the streets to express their anger over the routinely humiliating and in this case fatal treatment of citizens by authorities commonly known in Moroccan Darija as “Hogra”. Citizens of El Hoceima had gathered at a sit-in on Friday night, where the spokesperson for the Authorities was briefly heard saying “justice will be served”, only to be silenced by a response evoking another incident during February 20th, 2011 mass protests. Five young activists had…

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