Fear and Loathing on the Web 2.0 Campaign Trail

You open the article to gain insight into the nebulous world of political consultants. Reading it feels like a Lonestar. The taste of money, the slight fizzing and bubbling desperation… it’s what you expect from a simple beer and an American political consultant class.

You arrive at the last paragraph. Now, instead of the warmth of the after-beer whiskey shot, a vial of Everclear awaits you. It’s harsh, oh yes, but you can’t turn it down. You are, after all, living in the Year of The Donald:

Over and over in the conference sessions, the consultants talked about the importance of “authenticity.” How, they wondered, could this quality, which voters seemed to prize so highly, be manufactured? The irony seemed to escape them.

May you always be aware of spectacles in your midst.
Yours in Zen,


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