The Ataturk Airport Attacks Signal Worse Things to Come

The attacks in Istanbul affirm the status quo of the standard response to terrorism and will strengthen the rising tide of the right-wing in the Western world.

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Thoughts on Brexit

The publicĀ of the United Kingdom voted in the 23 June Referendum on the EU to leave the pan-European institution. A majority of 52 % (comprised of every district save London, Scotland and Northern Ireland) carried the day over the 48 % of voters who wanted to remain in the European Union. To those who say […]

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Originally posted on More Crows than Eagles:
I remember AIDS. I’m older than you probably think I am, and I remember what AIDS in America meant in the eighties, when William F. Buckley suggested all “carriers” be tattooed, and the Wizard of Id got in trouble in Canada (fr) for a joke in which Robbing…

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