Interstellar (2014) Review

Views from the Sofa

Interstellar suffers from overreaching with it’s grand idea. It tries to be very clever and make a bold statement. There is nothing wrong with this but when it is realised and executed as poorly as it is here, you end up with the best movie of the year being tarnished and in some cases, slightly ruined.

What comes before the big mistake in the final act is pure brilliance. From the opening scenes which are simply talking heads, the film grabs you and never let’s go. Director Christopher Nolan perfectly crafts a world which is dying by taking the first part of the three-hour running time to show how life is changing for our main characters. It’s a great way of drip-feeding the story without actually having a character spell everything out for the viewer.

The way Nolan creates his dying Earth is done very well

In fact it works…

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