Easter Reflection

Christ was born into a brutal world. He preached against it and, for that, suffered and died under the most humiliating and painful method of his age. Yet not three centuries after his Passion, the followers carrying his memory had overthrown that regime. To us, perhaps, is a similar task. We might not live long […]

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Guzen and Hitsuzen

Originally posted on On Philosophy:
Let me begin this piece by introducing two technical terms, guzen and hitsuzen. Both are stolen from Japanese, and their translations come out to being something like coincidence or chance and fate or destiny, respectively. While I could simply repurpose the English terms “coincidence” and “fate” I think they are…

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proudhonian cosmopolitanism

Originally posted on Antinomia Imediata:
Cities, eventually, will scare us. — Nick Land the individuals of the global society aren’t human individuals or nationalities, but cities. this is the society that is fed by human individualism, and it’s the society that is forming its organs beneath the unaware eyes of statesmen, priests and warriors. for…

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Into the Mystic: Capitalism and the Structuralization of Spirituality

Originally posted on Deterritorial Investigations :
In his fantastic book The Closed World: Computers and the Politics of Discourse in Cold War America, Paul N. Edwards forwards a quasi-literary reading of the way power and subjectivity operate in the age of the computer, focusing primarily on the lineage running from the Vannevar Bush’s  Office of Scientific…

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Caliphate on the Sinai 2020

I think that ISIS is in the active process of transferring its forces to the Sinai. Bayt al-Maqdis – the former name of the militants in the Sinai before they pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – have been slowly taxing the Egyptian military state for the past three years or so. The Egyptian state […]

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The Omni-Trump

Guy Debord writes in the 64th thesis of The Society of the Spectacle “If every Chinese must learn Mao, and thus be Mao, it is because he can be nothing else.” From the thread commentary by u/trying2bnicer “As readers of Debord’s Comments on Society of the Spectacle know, he advances the notion of integrated spectacle in that […]

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Find Yourself

This is a great read from Michael Lovelock on Aeon. His article, “The Makeover Trap“, sets out to explore the dynamics of the makeover in contemporary Western culture. His thesis is that this culture, whose extent of analysis stops at the individual consumer, sets up our societies for a rude awakening: Young people in the […]

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