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Aliens, Monsters, and Revolution in the Dark Deleuze

Anarchist Without Content

This is the longer version of a blog post I initially wrote for the University of Minnesota Press. You can find the shorter version on their blog here.

French philosopher Gilles Deleuze is usually characterized as a thinker of positivity. Consider two of his major contributions: the rhizome as an image for the tangled connections of networks, and the molecular revolution as transform spurred by unexpected quantum drift. These concepts catapulted the popularity of his thought as the digital age seemed to reflect social forms matching each form, namely the world wide web of the internet and the anti-globalization ‘movement of movements’ that lacked central coordination. Commentators marshaled his work to make sense of these developments, ultimately leading many to preach the joy of finding new connections to the material world (New Materialism), evolving the human at the bio-technical level (Post-Humanism), and searching out intensive affective encounters (Affect Studies).


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In Line

Libellum Meum (My Little Book)

Standing in a line is so banal

when you look and regard only

the little space around you, assume

the others there are somehow separate,

but if you look from above and see

it winding side to side, then a line

resembles one of those old tablets

written on in Greek or Etruscan,

the words start out well enough, upright,

but towards the edge they take a turn

and all the next line is upside down

till the script reaches the other edge and curves around

and stands again upright, like a

serpent of letters, strewn out and each

made by hand and joining together the whole.

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Tell Me I’m Exaggerating (CW: Inhuman hatred towards autistics, eugenics, swearing)

The night falls and now our watch begins

The Outcast Post

night My feelings after dealing with this conversation

(Yes, I did mention eugenics and hatred of autistics…if you’re autistic you may not want to continue…everyone else, keep going)

nazi2 This is eugenics. This is literally saying that scientific progress will lead to my kind no longer existing. In Nazi Germany and in the US first, disabled people were sterilized to prevent us from spreading our genes, and during the holocaust autistic kids were slaughtered…this vile woman wants that again.

I’m done.

So fucking done.

I have avoided calling the Alt Right and the people doing the hate crimes countrywide that I mentioned in Wait and see? Really? what they are in situations where I wanted to have some remnant of that acceptable activist shtick that I put on to be heard, been articulate so you don’t have to listen.

It’s the tone I had in We are not, the article I…

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The Sharpening Blade

…They believe in a domed city on Mars. They believe in a shiny silver ship alone in the abyss. They believe death has been bound by their chains and that the ceremonies and rituals humans have breathed into being in order to heal the wounds he metes upon us are quaint anachronisms. They believe death to be all but conquered even as they sharpen his blade.

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Three emerging black female Austin artists who you should know

Austin Music Source

Anya at SOS Fest. Robert Hein/For American-Statesman. Anya at SOS Fest. Robert Hein/For American-Statesman.

Controversy erupted on Austin music scene Facebook pages over the weekend when a band full of white dudes with an inflammatory name that references black women’s genitalia had their show at Hotel Vegas cancelled following a social media backlash related to the band’s name. This post is not about that. Instead, we’re dedicating the brain space we could use analyzing whether it’s ironic or sexist for male artists to use mis-gendered band names and whether it’s really worth fighting for the right to upset black women to celebrate some of the fine black female talent rising through the ranks of the Austin music scene.

Anastasia. On her new mixtape “Kale & Yoga” this Austin-born and raised emcee spits rugged rhymes about perseverance, resilience and soul power. Backed by a live band, she set the stage on fire in her early afternoon set…

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Dispatches from America Trumpiana, I: A Profile in Courage for Clinton?

News popped over the ZuckZuck Wire that “computer security experts” are encouraging Hillary Clinton to demand a recount. Apparently, they claim evidence points to Russian malfeasance and tampering with electronic voting machines that swung votes away from Clinton and to Trump in key states like Wisconsin and Michigan.

Clinton lost those two states by small margins. By a few tens of thousands of votes margins.

Do I want her to challenge the results? Yes. Demand a recount. Make a stand for the sake of the Republic. Do I think she will do it? No. Hillary Clinton is a politician, after all, who could not face her supporters on Election Night as things grew grim. As the red tide rolled over the Rust Belt, she let John Podesta tell her supporters gathered at Campaign HQ to go home.

Further evidence to that comes from another source. Yesterday, Trump said that he would not prosecute Hillary Clinton. The Alt-Right Neo-Nazis who support Trump are apoplectic. They are angry and hungry to avenge on Trump for his betrayal. Funny, it’s almost as if they’ve forgotten their Gramsci: “The historical unity of the ruling classes is realized in the state.”

So I am doubtful that Clinton will head the call to arms. But who knows? The Year Two Thousand and Sixteen of Our Lord throws strange things our way. She could yet surprise me.